The Mitsubishi MQ Triton is a well-regarded pickup known for its capability and durability. This article provides an overview of the tuning possibilities for the MQ Triton, discusses the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), compares it with the MR Triton, and addresses common engine issues.

Tuning the Mitsubishi Triton

Tuning the Mitsubishi Triton involves modifications to the engine control unit (ECU), which can optimize performance parameters such as fuel injection timing and air intake. These changes typically improve power output and efficiency, making the vehicle more responsive and potentially more economical to run.

DPF in MQ Tritons

MQ Tritons equipped with the 4N15 diesel engine include a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce emissions. The DPF captures exhaust soot, which needs to burn off periodically through regeneration. Challenges can arise if the vehicle does not frequently operate at conditions conducive to this regeneration, leading to potential clogging.

MQ triton on dyno getting a remap and tune on the factory ECU
Mitsubishi MQ Triton navigating a sandy beach at sunset, showcasing its versatility and off-road capability in a scenic coastal setting

Differences Between MQ and MR Tritons

The MQ and MR Tritons share similar underpinnings but differ in several areas. The MR Triton usually incorporates more advanced technology, improved safety features, and updates in styling and engine efficiency. These enhancements contribute to a refined driving experience and overall vehicle performance.

Common Issues with the 4N15 Engine

The 4N15 engine is reliable but not without issues. A notable concern is the DPF system, which can become clogged if not properly regenerated. This can lead to decreased performance and increased fuel consumption. Addressing this issue might involve regular maintenance checks or exploring a DPF removal service, considering the environmental regulations in your area.


Tuning can significantly enhance the performance of your Mitsubishi MQ Triton, from power and torque gains to improved fuel efficiency and driveability. Addressing specific components like the DPF as part of your tuning strategy can help maintain the vehicle’s health and ensure optimal performance. Learn more about effective tuning strategies for your Triton here.