Komplete Dyno Tuning

79 Series on 4WD Dyno

If you’re looking for specialists in diesel dyno tuning in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Located in Campbellfield, North Melbourne, Komplete Tuning has a team of experts with years of experience and knowledge in their fields. Together we can help you with the service, repair and dyno tuning of almost any vehicle.

We pride ourselves on our open, honest policies — the quality of our work and the products we use.

The Essence of Dyno Tuning in Melbourne

A dyno tune is a process of modifying the standard files and software within the car’s engine computer to enhance and optimise the engine. This is to provide more torque, more power, more response, better driveability and better fuel economy for the vehicle.

At Komplete Tuning, we promise a premium tuning service. A Komplete dyno tune is 100%, not just a generic tune downloaded from the internet. All of our tunes are written in-house by our technicians, and we will provide you with a “before” & “after” dyno sheet.

We will measure the before power and torque, along with boost and AFR (Air fuel Ratio), to make sure your engine is running at its optimal efficiency.

When you opt for our diesel dyno tuning in Melbourne, you can expect:

– More power & torque, safely & reliably

– Reduced turbo lag

– Better throttle response

– Better fuel economy (in most cases)

– Towing with ease

– Custom to suit your modifications, needs, and driving style

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions or comments about dyno tuning in Melbourne or any other aspect of our services here at Komplete Tuning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We can offer recommendations specific to your vehicle as you can virtually guarantee that we’ve worked on the same type of vehicle in the past for other customers.

You may also check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what we can offer.

Oil Catch Cans

Image showcasing HPD Catch Can

Oil vapour is produced due to the engine “blow-by” from the crank case getting forced up and venting into the intake. It then mixes with the intake air, subsequently lining the components such as the intake valves, inlet manifold, intercooler, turbocharger to name a few with a sticky oil coating, which will then solidify, affecting the engine’s air flow and reducing the engines efficiency.

The fitting of an oil catch can will catch and prevent the oil from re-entering the intake manifold, providing a much cleaner and vapour-free air mixture, for entering the intake of the engine.

At Komplete Tuning we are a proud dealer of High Performance Diesel and as such supply their aluminium catch cans

  • Billet Alluminum Catch can
  • Internal stainless mesh filters
  • Dipstick to check oil level
  • Simply unscrew base to empty oil

Aftermarket Exhausts

C63 AMG downpipes

At Komplete Tuning, we recommend replacing your factory exhaust system with an upgraded and a lot more efficient and free flowing system. We recommend a turbo back system for vehicles without DPFs, or a cat-back system for vehicles with DPFs.

Depending on power goals, a higher flowing exhaust can lower backpressure for maximum gains, on newer turbo petrol cars we usually see this in the factory downpipes

If you’re wanting a better sounding exhaust, a Catback exhaust is the way to go. With different variants available depending on your preference we can offer quiet, medium and loud exhausts

  • Lower EGTs
  • Freeflowing for maximum gains
  • Better sounding exhaust with different sound levels available depending on your preference

Chemical Soot Cleaning

Before and after of a soot clean inside the intake

Soot is a black tar-like restrictive sludge which builds up inside diesel engines due to recirculated exhaust gases. Build-up like this can be harmful to your engine, taking a toll on your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency as well as causing problems when starting your engine.

We can have our on-vehicle machine hooked up to your car’s engine to circulate a powerful solution through the engine. This completely breaks down built up soot to remove it from the engine, from the front inlet manifold all the way down to the valves inside of the engine, before burning out through the exhaust as a vapor. After the procedure is completed the engine oil is flushed, renewed and an oil filter is done to ensure all deposits of soot are gone from the engine entirely.