Located north of Melbourne in Campbellfield we specialise in custom dyno tuning

With diverse staff specialising in different fields we cover old and modern diesels, European cars, Cars built to Drag race whether it be NA, boosted or nitrous and Japanese cars

Starting in 2014 we strived to fix a lot of tuning issues we we’re seeing leave workshops. At that time factory ECU tuning wasn’t as common as it is today and so most of what we have developed has been from the ground up. Mostly specialising in Diesel engines we have proven over the years what does and does not work for each car and use case.

Our honest communication with our customers and our custom tailored tunes has led us to establish respected trust with our customers for quality service and high-level tunes. Going forward, the ability to call up and ask any question and get back an honest response is something that not all workshops provide.

A Big step up from us was being able to tune the factory ECU of ZD30DI Patrols and Navara’s, where the later common rail Patrols could be tuned via the OBDII port, the earlier ZD30DI’s could not. To this date, we are currently the only workshop in Victoria that has the tools and knowledge to do this effectively.


Our phones are always open up to questions so if you have any questions no matter how silly they may seem. Feel free to call us anytime during operating hours. If you’d like to leave a message for us we will contact you back asap