A turbocharger increases your vehicle’s power by rerouting exhaust fumes through a specially fitted turbine, drawing more air into your engine’s combustion chamber to allow for faster compressions and greater performance.

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With the increase in power that comes with the fitting of a supercharger or a turbocharger to your vehicle comes an increase in the heat generated by your engine. Hotter air is lower in pressure and contains more spread out (and therefore fewer) oxygen molecules, resulting in an imbalance of fuel and air in the engine’s combustion chamber, causing a significant drop in performance and fuel efficiency.

As the name suggests, an intercooler cools the air entering your engine, resulting in an increase in air pressure and therefore more oxygen entering the engine. This helps curb the negative effects of heat on your engine, mitigating any drop in performance or fuel efficiency associated with your new turbo.

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Exhaust Upgrades

Having the right exhaust for your vehicle means more than just getting a more distinctive sound from your vehicle. Along with the right custom chip or ECU remap, the right exhaust can also unlock increases to your vehicle’s power and torque that can be demonstrably proven in a dyno tune.

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