The Mitsubishi Triton MR series, a staple in the competitive mid-size pickup truck market, combines utility with modern design. Owners often look to enhance their vehicle’s performance and efficiency. This article explores how to increase the power of the MR Triton, its baseline power specifications, reliability concerns, and the differences between the MR and MQ models.

Increasing Power in the MR Triton

Enhancing the power output of your MR Triton involves several key strategies:

  • ECU Remapping: Adjusting the engine control unit (ECU) settings can significantly increase power and improve fuel efficiency. An ECU remap adjusts the engine’s software to optimize performance, particularly torque and horsepower. Learn more about custom ECU remapping for the MR Triton here.
  • Upgraded Air Intake and Exhaust Systems: Replacing the factory intercooler and air intake with a high-flowing and more efficient system can enhance airflow into the engine, and upgrading the exhaust system can reduce backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe better and thus generate more power.
  • Turbocharger Upgrades: If your MR Triton is turbocharged, enhancing the turbo system can lead to significant power gains by increasing the volume and speed of air flowing into the engine.

MR Triton Engine Power

The MR Triton typically features a 2.4-liter MIVEC turbo-diesel engine that produces around 133 kW (178 horsepower) and 430 Nm of torque. This setup provides a good balance of performance and fuel economy, making it suitable for both daily driving and heavier-duty tasks.

Mr Triton on the dyno for a remap and tune
Mitsubishi MR Triton driving through a forest trail with water splashes, emphasizing its dynamic off-road performance and adventure readiness

Reliability of MR Tritons

MR Tritons are generally considered reliable vehicles, suitable for rugged use. They feature robust construction and systems designed to handle both off-road conditions and daily commuting. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial to ensuring the vehicle’s longevity, especially if used in demanding environments.

Differences Between MQ and MR Tritons

While the MQ and MR Tritons share many features, including design cues and engine types, there are notable differences:

  • Technological Enhancements: The MR Triton generally includes more advanced technology, with updated media systems, safety features, and driver aids compared to the MQ series.
  • Design Updates: The MR models feature a more modern design, offering improvements in aerodynamics and interior ergonomics.
  • Engine Tuning and Performance: There have been slight adjustments and improvements in the tuning of the MR Triton’s engine to enhance performance and efficiency compared to the MQ series.


Tuning your MR Triton not only enhances its power and performance but also tailors the vehicle to your specific needs, whether that’s improved towing capacity, better off-road capability, or more efficient highway driving. By understanding the vehicle’s baseline characteristics and available enhancements, you can make informed decisions about upgrades and maintenance. To explore how to effectively increase your MR Triton’s performance, check out our comprehensive tuning solutions at MR Triton Remap.