DPF Problem Service Solutions

Problems with the Diesel Particulate Filter can cause issues with engine oil dilution and excessive back pressure, or being stuck in limp mode as the DPF throws up an error that artificially cripples your engine. For a long time your only options were replacing the DPF with a factory unit, to the tune of $6,000 or more, or, replacing it with an aftermarket DPF that fails after about 30,000 kilometres.

Here at Komplete Tuning, we have a few alternative options for you:

  • Bring your vehicle in and we’ll remove your DPF
    We then reprogram your ECU from the factory settings to disable the DPF. While we’re at it, we also switch off the EGR system and re-tune your vehicle to make your engine more responsive and more durable. Once we’ve reprogrammed the ECU, we fit your DPF Eliminator pipe, then do one last DPF regen on the ECU, and perform a road test on your vehicle to make sure everything’s working properly. (You can also choose to have the pipe fitted elsewhere if you’d like)
  • Send us your ECU
    If you can’t bring your vehicle to us for whatever reason, you can send us your ECU itself, and we’ll perform the reprogramming mentioned above and send it back!
  • DPF Simulator
    The DPF simulator allows us to skip the ECU reprogramming by tricking the ECU into thinking that DPF Regeneration parameters are never met, thus not ever having the regen occur. The DPF Simulator is hard wired into your vehicle’s existing loom. Skipping the ECU reprogramming makes this process a bit more affordable, but means you can’t enjoy the performance increases you get from the ECU reprogramming.
  • Replacement DPF
    We can replace the factory DPF with one of our own.
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