The Toyota Hilux N70 with its 3-liter engine stands as a popular choice among off-road and utility vehicle enthusiasts. Tuning this robust model can significantly enhance its performance. This article explores the benefits and costs of tuning, recommends exhaust and turbo upgrades, and explains the necessity of remapping diesel engines.

Is It Worth Tuning a Hilux?

Tuning a Hilux can greatly improve its performance, particularly in terms of power, fuel efficiency, and drivability. Modifications such as ECU remapping, exhaust upgrades, and turbo enhancements can transform the standard Hilux into a more powerful and responsive vehicle. For those using their Hilux for more demanding tasks or off-road activities, tuning is undoubtedly worth considering.

Cost of Tuning a Hilux

The cost of tuning a Hilux varies depending on the type and extent of modifications. Basic ECU remapping might start around $1495, while more comprehensive upgrades involving high-quality exhaust systems, turbochargers and higher flowing injectors can cost upwards of $5000. Investing in professional tuning services ensures that modifications are correctly implemented, maximizing the vehicle’s performance and longevity.

Why Remap a Diesel Engine?

Remapping a diesel engine, such as that in the Hilux N70, adjusts the engine control unit (ECU) settings to optimize performance. This process can lead to better fuel management, increased torque, and higher horsepower. Remapping is particularly crucial after modifications like exhaust and turbo upgrades to ensure the engine runs efficiently with its new components.

For those looking to unlock their Hilux’s potential, considering a professional 3L Hilux remap is essential. This tuning adjusts the vehicle’s ECU to match upgraded components, enhancing overall performance and ensuring the modifications deliver the desired impact.

Best Exhaust for a Hilux

Choosing the right exhaust system for a Hilux can significantly affect its efficiency and power. A high-quality, high-flow 3″ exhaust system is ideal, as it allows for better gas expulsion and reduces backpressure, which can choke the engine’s potential. Stainless steel systems are preferred for their durability and resistance to corrosion, especially under harsh driving conditions.

Best Turbo for the N70

For the N70 Hilux, upgrading to a performance turbo can provide substantial benefits. A variable geometry turbo (VGT) is often recommended because it adjusts airflow based on engine speed, offering optimal power and faster spool at lower rpm. Another popular type of turbocharger for N70 Hilux’s is a standard wastegated 44mm Turbocharger


Tuning the 3L Hilux N70 can transform an already robust vehicle into an even more powerful and efficient performer. With the right modifications, such as a suitable exhaust, an upgraded turbo, and a professional remap, your Hilux will be better suited to meet and exceed the demands of any driving environment.