What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is an emissions-related device. Diesel engines create more NOx gases than their petrol counterparts due to running at leaner air-fuel ratios. As emissions regulations increased, AdBlue was implemented. An injector nozzle is placed before the catalytic converter, and small amounts of AdBlue are injected into the exhaust.

The AdBlue solution, which consists of 32.5% Urea and 67.5% De-ionised water, reacts with the hot exhaust gases to create ammonia and carbon dioxide. The SCR catalytic converter then reacts with the ammonia to end up with nitrogen and water as a non-harmful by-product.


Why remove AdBlue?

While the AdBlue system seems like a great idea, there are a few reasons why an agricultural machine or truck owner would consider AdBlue removal.

Non-registered vehicles, such as agricultural farm equipment, aren’t required to follow emission regulations as they are off-road, private-use vehicles. Owners may want to undergo AdBlue removal to simply save on the cost of filling up.

When AdBlue systems fail, they can often be costly to repair. A cheaper alternative is to remove or disconnect the system altogether, fixing the limp mode fault for a fraction of the price.

While doing AdBlue removal, we can also optimise your vehicle’s tune. This will help your vehicle gain fuel economy and power or torque — reducing long-term running costs!


Overall, AdBlue removal can save you from the following:

  • Expensive repair costs
  • Engine Limp mode
  • Vehicle speed restriction
  • No-start situations

Revive your ride — opt for AdBlue removal at Komplete Tuning

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Our team of skilled mechanics offers professional and reliable AdBlue removal services for all makes and models. With our state-of-the-art dynamometers and fully equipped workshop, we ensure high-quality servicing and repairs to optimise your engine’s performance.

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Legal disclaimer: It is illegal to tamper with emissions devices for road registered vehicles